October 22, 2018

Lucasfilm Wouldn't Let RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET Make Fun of Poor Kylo Ren

It seems that any jokes at the expense of the Star Wars villain Kylo are off limits at Disney. That’s kind of a shame because there are a lot of things about Kylo Ren that can be made fun of! Hell, fans have been making fun of him since he […]
October 17, 2018

Check Out This Awesome Rare 1980 Documentary For THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!

There are a lot of old documentaries and behind-the-scenes “making of” videos from the 70s and 80s that have been made for George Lucas’ Star Wars films. Most hardcore fans have seen many of them, but today we have a rare one to share with you that has said to […]
October 17, 2018

The First AVENGERS 4 Trailer Could Be Coming Sooner Than Expected

Last week a possible description of the first trailer for Avengers 4 surfaced online. Now today there’s news that the first teaser trailer for the film may be coming sooner than we expected! A new rumor indicates that Marvel Studios is currently in the process of converting the footage for […]
October 15, 2018

Oscar Isaac Talks STAR WARS: EPISODE IX and Says 'Looser' and More Improvisational Than The Previous Films

There has been some great stuff that has been improvised in the Star Wars films throughout the years. One of the most famous improvised line’s was Han Solo’s “I known”. But, improvisation really hasn’t been a normal part of the Star Wars franchise. Well, now according to Oscar Isaac, things […]
October 13, 2018

Magic Leap’s inaugural conference shows it has a long way to go

Of course, it’s understandable for a gathering of early adopters to be this excited. “The possibilities are almost endless,” said Nicholas Loomis, a marketing lead for Exokit, a VR/AR web browser for mixed reality experiences. He told me that he’s been spending a lot of time with the creator community […]
October 12, 2018

Netflix Cancels IRON FIST But It May Continue on Disney's Streaming Service

Netflix has finally given up on Iron Fist. Marvel’s martial arts series will not be getting a third season on the streaming service. I actually really enjoyed the last season. It was so much better than the first, but I guess the ratings sucked. Netflix and Marvel released a joint […]
October 11, 2018

Lawrence Kasdan Will Write and Direct NOVEMBER ROAD which is Set After JFK is Assassinated

Lawrence Kasdan is pushing the Star Wars franchise off to the side for a new film project called November Road that he will write and direct. The film is based on on an upcoming novel from Edgar Award-winning author Lou Berney and the story revolves around the period of the JFK […]
October 11, 2018

THE MANDALORIAN Directors Taika Waititi and Bryce Dallas Howard Are also Rumored to Appear in the Series

We’ve got some new information to share with you regarding Jon Favreau’s Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Fans seem to be super stoked for this series, especially with the line-up of directors that it has! That director list includes Deborah Chow, Bryce Dallas Howard, Taika Waititi, Rick Famiuywa and Dave […]

Local Events

Local Events Past, Present & Future!
February 5, 2016
Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

On Dec 18th, 2015 Grab the Popcorn launched their 1st official event hosted at the Carmike Cinema in Pensacola, FL. Roughly 110 friends, family and fans of our website met together for a private screening of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. This long anticipated movie brought out people of all ages to watch […]
November 4, 2015

Pensacola Comic Convention 2015

The Pensacola Comic Convention was in full swing this past weekend. Hundreds of locals and visiting fanatics came to Pensacola for a two day extravaganza! Saturday, the doors opened at 10:00am and there were plenty of people waiting to get in to see some of their favorite guest, vendors and […]
March 7, 2015

Pensacon 2015 Auction for Ben Woolf

Pensacon was a great event and on Sunday at the end of the convention, CEO Mike Ensley announced they would be auctioning off a 1 of a kind piece of art. So as my interest peak, I gathered myself right in the front of the group. Wanting to take a look […]
March 6, 2015

Pensacon 2015

For the 2nd year, Pensacon did not disappoint! Feb 27th-28th could not have come fast enough for thousands of fans who waited in the cold to enter the Pensacola Bay Center. With record sales on Saturday (over 10,000 tickets sold) the event was forced to shut down sales. That didn’t stop […]

What's New to Netflix!

August 8, 2017

Janet King: Season 2

Summary of Season 1 (2014) – 3 discs Returning to work after maternity leave, senior crown prosecutor Janet King becomes involved in a controversial, high-profile case involving a senior-ranking police officer. She clashes with a colleague who will do anything to win and contends with Chief Superintendent Jack Rizzoli, who […]
August 8, 2017

Blindspot: Season 2

After making an unnerving discovery, Jane and the team are shocked to learn her true identity. However, the revelation raises as many questions as it answers, leaving Stapleton even more determined to crack the mystery of Jane’s past. Source link
August 8, 2017

Seed: The Untold Story

Focusing on an issue vital to human survival, this documentary follows a host of seed keepers, farmers and others who are waging a fight against the biotech industry, which is producing genetically modified seeds that threaten agricultural diversity. Source link
August 8, 2017

The Sea

Adapted from John Banville’s beloved novel, this pensive drama centers on a former art historian who, still grappling with his wife’s recent death, heads to a seaside village where he spent a fateful summer during his youth. Source link
August 8, 2017

The Hunter's Prayer

Contracted to kill a teenage girl, hired assassin Lucas can’t pull the trigger and instead ends up helping Ella, his would-be victim. With Lucas’s employers in pursuit, the two flee together across Europe and try to determine why Ella is a target. Source link
August 8, 2017

The Exception

This turbulent drama portrays the converging fates of Kaiser Wilhelm, exiled to Holland after Germany’s defeat in World War I, and a young Jewish woman whose presence in the Kaiser’s household raises the suspicions of an SS officer looking for spies. Source link
August 8, 2017

The Dinner

During a tense meal at an elegant restaurant, two brothers and their wives discuss how far to go in order to prevent their sons from being identified and arrested for a violent crime they committed that was caught on a security camera. Source link
August 8, 2017

The Fate of the Furious

Street racer and ex-convict Dominic Toretto and his crew return for more fast and furious action. In this installment of the hit franchise, their adventures take them to Iceland, Cuba and New York City to battle their adversaries. Source link

Video Vault

March 4, 2015

‘Independence Day 2’ Signs Jeff Goldblum & Liam Hemsworth

Director Roland Emmerich revealed on his personal Facebook page today that Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum and Jessie Usher have signed on for roles in Independence Day 2. Naturally, Jeff Goldblum will be reprising his role as David Levinson from the original 1996 blockbuster Independence Day, but the filmmaker would not […]
March 10, 2015

‘Suicide Squad’: Joel Kinnaman Confirmed to play Rick Flagg

Back in February, we reported that actor Joel Kinnaman had signed on to replace Tom Hardy as Rick Flagg in Warner Bros.’ DC Comics adaptation Suicide Squad, although the studio never confirmed the news. While doing press for his action-thriller Run All Night, in theaters this weekend, Joel Kinnaman told […]
March 27, 2015

‘Independence Day 2’: Vivica A. Fox Will Return!

Exciting news for both Independence Day and Vivica A. Fox fans! The actress is set to reprise her role as stripper-turned-alien freedom fighter Jasmine Dubrow in the upcoming sequel Independence Day 2. The news was announced by both director Roland Emmerich and the actress herself, who provides a nice collage […]
April 4, 2015

Suicide Squad grabs Thor 2 Star to play Killer Croc

Warner Bros.’ DC Comics adaptation Suicide Squad has brought on Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje to play Killer Croc. Karen Fukuhara has also joined the cast in an unspecified role. The news comes just a few days after we reported that Scott Eastwood and Ray Olubowale joined the cast, with the actors reportedly […]