X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Will Be "Edgier" and "More Real" Than The Previous X-Men Films


If you’ve been wondering how X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be different than the previous X-Men films, director Simon Kinberg explains in a recent interview with Empire that it’s going to be more realistic. He says:

“The way I wanted to make the movie was very different than the aesthetic of previous X-Men movies, which I’ve been very involved in and proud of. But I wanted it to feel more naturalistic, I wanted it to feel edgier, more handmade, more real. I was very inspired by what James Mangold did with Logan, and I felt like if I could bring a measure of that aesthetic in the film that all of the intergalactic and larger-scale things that happen in the movie would feel more shocking, more realistic, more emotional. They’d be grounded in some reality.”

The only thing is… it doesn’t look like it’s going to be as good as Logan. I understand why Kinberg would want to take this approach when developing his movie. It’s worked before and I hope that it works again for this. Only time will tell. Kinberg went on to say that he also was inspired by Star Wars when making the movie:

“And so, all of the movie – from the costumes, to the title card, to the set design, to the way the X-jet looks – all of that stuff is just more analog in a way. More like, let’s say, the original Star Wars movie. Not that analog, but the movies I grew up loving had this very gritty, edgy, cool, human feeling to them.”

You can see the gritty and edgy tone that Kinberg is going for in the trailer, and I liked that about the footage I saw. I have no idea how this movie is going to turn out, but I do hope that it ends up being better than what I’m expecting.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix lands in theaters on February 14, 2019.


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X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Will Be "Edgier" and "More Real" Than The Previous X-Men Films
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