Watch Warwick Davis and His Son Suit up as Ewoks in Behind-The-Scenes Video For THE RISE OF SKYWALKER


I’ve got a super cool behind-the-scenes video here for you to watch from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and it features Star Wars legend Warwick Davis and his son Harrison suiting up as Ewoks for their little cameo in the film. Davis told Syfy Wire:

“[Wicket’s] got older like I have, and he’s had a child. The Ewok you see next to him is his son — and my son Harrison, in reality as well, which was a really lovely touch. [Director J.J. Abrams] was really keen for us to play the characters together, which was lovely.”

That is pretty cool that Warwick and his son had this opportunity to together. Davis didn’t really get an update on what Wicket has been up to since the events of Return of the Jedi but the actor went on to say:

“I think life’s been okay for the Ewoks. Once they expelled the Empire, it seems like everything’s been okay. The idea of that scene there was to be looking up and seeing that the First Order is falling and life is going to be good again. I wasn’t given any backstory, but no doubt knowing the fans of Star Wars, there will be people creating these backstories.”

It would have been nice if Wicket had a little bit of a bigger role in the story, but I’ll take what I can get. Seeing this video makes it all worth it.


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