Two Cool Looking New First Order Vehicles Revealed For STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI


Thanks to the latest episode of The Star Wars Show, we have our first look at two new vehicles that are being introduced in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Both of them are First Order vehicles and they are pretty radical. 

The first one is called the AT-M6 which is a new updated version of the AT-AT. It’s known as theAll Terrain Megacalibur Six and it’s described as follows:

“It has a megacalibur six laser cannon on its back. Think of it as a mobile heavy artillery walker that’s way bigger than a standard AT-AT. And while an AT-AT might move like an elephant, the AT-M6 has a more simian-like gait, which helps it stabilize the cannon.”

The other vehicle is called the First Order Dreadnought, which comes with the following description:

“The Dreadnought is a mandatory four class warship and has two enormous orbital auto cannons, which can be used for larger-scale bombardments. It measures 7,669.72 meters in length, or 25, 162.8 feet for those of you who never learned the metric system. The First Order Dreadnought also has 24 point defense anti-aircraft cannons on its dorsal surface.” 

I excited to see these new vehicles in action! I provided The Star Wars show video below for you to watch where they talk about these vehicles and I also have a few screenshots below the video for you to check out! After you look them over tell us what you think!


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Two Cool Looking New First Order Vehicles Revealed For STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI
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