Trailer for a New Documentary Focusing on the Original STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL and How It Came to Exist


The classic Star Wars Holiday Special left quite an impression on Star Wars fans. It’s one of the best/worst pieces of Star Wars entertainment that has been made. It’s so crazy and ridiculously bizarre, and it’s one of a kind. After it was released George Lucas attempted to erase the holiday special from existence, but that was never going to happen and it lives on.

Well, there’s a documentary in development titled A Disturbance in the Force. It comes from directors Jeremy Coon and Steve Kozak, and it will give fans the behind-the-scenes story of the making of the Star Wars Holiday Special and thanks to io9 we have a trailer to share with you. When talking about the doc, Coon said:

“Most attention on the Holiday Special just focuses on how bad it is and doesn’t go deeper. Our film is not going to be 90 minutes of dumping on it because no one wants to watch that. We’re gone really deep in the research and like an onion, there are a lot more layers as to how the Special happened than you would expect.”

Coon went on to reveals that they were able to find “a never before released audio interview with Peter Mayhew talking about the Special along with over 15 hours of audio interviews recorded over twenty years ago with over a dozen people who worked on the Holiday Special. The recordings include others who passed away that we thought we’d never be able to give a voice in the film.”

It’ll be interesting and fun to learn new things about the Star Wars Holiday Special that we never knew before. I loved learning new things about the Star Wars franchise, and there’s no doubt that this doc is going to have a lot of great stuff!


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