The Millennium Falcon Will Sport a New Sensory Array Dish in EPISODE IX


So, production has wrapped on Star Wars: Episode IX, and we are ten months away from its release and we still know basically nothing about it. We don’t even know the title (I know some readers are hoping it will be Star Wars: That Last One Was Just a Dream), so we have to grasp at whatever straws we can find while we await a trailer with bated breath. So here is today’s straw: The Millennium Falcon will be getting a new sensory array dish. Fantha Tracks has a source who says, “the Millennium Falcon will sport a new style sensor array dish, different to any we have seen before.”

I know, calm yourselves. The Falcon’s sensory array has been replaced several times in the spacecraft’s history. Lando fucked it up in Return of the Jedi, and there was a different one in Solo, so Han must have fucked it up at some point between making the Kessel Run and agreeing to transport a Jedi, a bumpkin, and two droids across the Galaxy, and it was once again fucked up at the end of The Last Jedi. So there will be a new one in Episode IX — How Kylo Gets His Mask Back, and and according to Fantha Tracks, it will be neither round or squarish, but an irregular hexagon (precisely what GeekTyrant co-founder Free Reyes was hoping for). The replacing of the sensory array dish will likely play zero role in the plot, but you never know. It’s always possible that they will head to Jakku to scavenge a new part, where Jyn Erso and Luke Skywalker will be waiting for Rey, the little girl they completely abandoned all those years ago.

Fantha Tracks commissioned a mock-up of what it may look like:


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The Millennium Falcon Will Sport a New Sensory Array Dish in EPISODE IX
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