The Live-Action STAR WARS Series Will Reportedly Be Set on The Planet Mandalore


Some new details have surfaced regarding Jon Favreau and Lucasfilm’s live-action Star Wars series. Yesterday it was reported that the ten-episode series would have a $100 million budget, making it one of the biggest budgeted TV series.

Now some new story details have come to light thanks to Making Stars Wars. According to their report, the story rumored to be set three years after Return of the Jedi on the planet Mandalore. They explain:

It sounds like when the Empire falls, Mandalore falls into a state of turmoil and the series is about restoring Mandalore to its former self and how Mandalore sways will have huge galactic ramifications.

There aren’t any other details than that. But I do like the idea of setting the series on Mandalore! That would be an awesome place to explore in a series and I hope this rumor turns out to be true. The report goes on to explain why this makes sense after it was revealed at Comic-Con that The Clone Wars would be getting a new season that would tell the story of The Siege of Mandalore.

It would make sense to finish The Clone Wars and the Mandalore story if it has reverberations felt in an upcoming television show. With Star Wars Resistance rumored to skew towards the younger animated viewer, it seems to make complete sense to finish The Clone Wars while making adult viewers really pleased on the animated front and the live action front.

However, the time frame mentioned here is different from the time frame that Favreau previously revealed. He said that the series would take place seven years after the events of Return of the Jedi, not three. But maybe some of the details have changed since that first initial report.

The series is said to have all new characters. But, if the series is set on Mandalore, there’s always a chance that Boba Fett could appear, or maybe even Sabine Wren and Bo Katan. We’ll just have to wait and see what Favreau and his team are planning.

One other thing that the report mentions is that the technology being used to shoot the series will allow the filmmakers to see the effects in monitor while they are shooting. The technology is provided by ILMxLAB, and it will allow the production to save money by knowing that they got what they needed in the shot right away. This tech has yet to be used on a Star Wars production.


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The Live-Action STAR WARS Series Will Reportedly Be Set on The Planet Mandalore
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