STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC Opening Crawl Teases What Was Going on 200 Years Before the Skywalker Saga


As you know, Lucasfilm is developing a series of stories that will be told through books and comics titled Star Wars: The High Republic. This may end up eventually expanding into video games, TV shows, and movies. 

These new Star Wars stories are set 200 years before the Skywalker Saga begins with The Phantom Menace, and the first book in the series will launch with The High Republic: The Light of the Jedi, from author Charles Soule. 

As we approach the launch of this book series, has released the official opening crawl for Star Wars: The High Republic, which takes place during a mostly peaceful era of the High Republic, but just because there is peace doesn’t mean there aren’t any threats that need to be handled: 

The galaxy is at peace, ruled by the glorious REPUBLIC and protected by the noble and wise JEDI KNIGHTS.

As a symbol of all that is good, the Republic is about to launch STARLIGHT BEACON into the far reaches of the Outer Rim. This new space station will serve as a ray of hope for all to see.

But just as a magnificent renaissance spreads throughout the Republic, so does a frightened new adversary. Now the guardians of peace and justice must face a threat to themselves, the galaxy, and the Force itself….

It’s been previously explained that The High Republic was “a golden time. A time of peace and prosperity. A time when the Jedi really are galactic guardians, stewards of peace and justice.” The initiative was also described as the “Jedi Knights of the Round Table” at a time featuring “space Vikings.”

Light of the Jedi starts out following a character named Captain Hedda Casset as she commands a ship named The Legacy Run. There are over nine thousand lives on board this ship, and it’s headed to the Outer Rim in an attempt to start a new life.

While the ship is traveling through hyperspace, an obstacle appears in the hyperlane that the ship is traveling on. Captain Casset attempts to maneuver the ship out of the obstacles way, but it’s too late and the ship ends up being torn to shreds when it hits it. This event is called the “Great Disaster,” and it ends up changing The High Republic forever.

Star Wars: The High Republic is scheduled to launch on January 5, 2021. Are you looking forward to diving into these new series of stories?


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STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC Opening Crawl Teases What Was Going on 200 Years Before the Skywalker Saga
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