Ron Howard Reportedly Used The Same Script as Phil Lord and Chris Miller For SOLO and other BTS Details Revealed


The rumor mill on Solo: A Star Wars Story has been running rampant for almost a year now, and today, yet another secret of the film’s production is reportedly leaking out to the press. Vulture reports an unnamed actor associated with the production said that while the film is undergoing a lot of reshoots, nothing has changed story-wise in the film between Phil Lord and Chris Miller‘s exit and Ron Howard’s entrance:

“It’s exactly the same script. They’re filming exactly the same things. There’s nothing new,” says the actor, adding: “[Lord and Miller] used whole sets. But Ron is just using parts from those sets. I guess they’re not shooting wide angle. Maybe to save money.”

The actor also reported that Lord and Miller would shoot up to 30 takes of a single scene, and encourage improvisation on the part of the actors. This falls in line with the two’s past work, so it wouldn’t be all that surprising if that were true. It also wouldn’t be surprising either that Lucasfilm would take issue with extensive improv, as letting actors wing it in a well-known franchise can always lead to some canonical mixups. 

The source went on to say that Lord and Miller simply weren’t ready for Star Wars because “After the 25th take, the actors are looking at each other like, ‘This is getting weird.'” It was also said that the directing due was “out of control”.

It was also confirmed by this actor that there were problems with Alden Ehrenreich’s acting. They explained:

“Trying to mimic Harrison Ford is really tough. Lucasfilm wanted something very specific: copying someone else. Alden’s not a bad actor — just not good enough.” 

However, he did ultimately improve his acting when an acting coach was hired to help him out.

There’s been so much said about this film so far I’m not quite sure what I believe, I’m just ready to see the film May 25! What about you?


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