Rian Johnson Wants To Direct an Episode of THE MANDALORIAN and He's Talked to Dave Filoni


Trigger warning! This post includes information about Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson wanting to direct an episode of The Mandalorian. I know how a lot of fans feel about Johnson and his involvement with Star Wars and they never want to see him near the franchise again. So, ya know… trigger warning!

In a recent interview with USA Today’s Sariah Wilson, Johnson said he’d love to return to the Star Wars franchise, and while he claims that his original Star Wars trilogy is still on the table, he’d also love to direct an episode of The Mandalorian and he’s actually already talked to co-executive producer Dave Filoni about getting involved. Wilson shared this bit of news on Twitter saying:

“I asked Rian if he’d ever consider doing an episode of The Mandalorian. He said he was dying to, but that for him it’s all about scheduling. He’s been writing [Knives Out 2] and now he’s going to go directly into filming it. So it would be a matter of finding time to break away and do it. He said he has spoken to Dave Filoni about it.”

If Johnson actually is given the opportunity to direct an episode I’m sure he’d take the time to jump on board and do it. It’s not hard to imagine him coming back to the franchise as he has a good relationship with Lucasfilm regardless of the backlash that The Last Jedi received.

I actually wouldn’t mind if Johnson came into direct an episode of The Mandalorian. He’s a talented director and whatever he does would have to fit in with the story that Jon Favreau and Filoni are looking to tell. They are the gatekeepers of the story and it’s not like he could really veer off the path. They are much more organized than how Lucasfilm handled the sequel trilogy.

Like all of you, I’m excited for the future of The Mandalorian franchise, and regardless of who is directing the episodes, the story is going to play out the way that Favreau and Filoni want.


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Rian Johnson Wants To Direct an Episode of THE MANDALORIAN and He's Talked to Dave Filoni
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