Rian Johnson Talks About The Jedi Temple and Deepening The Jedi Mythology in STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI


We got a brief glimpse of Jedi history in the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. If you remember, there was a tree-like structure in a cave on Ahch-To island, where the first Jedi Temple resides. That structure features a collection of ancient books that looks like the Journal of the Whills, which is Jedi Scripture that dates back to the original Star Wars mythology created by George Lucas.

While talking to EW about the highly anticipated film, director Rian Johnson opened up about how the Jedi mythology would be handled in the film. He explained to the outlet that the film “touches on mystical history but doesn’t dive deeply into creating a whole galactic religion, but there will be elements on Ahch-To that deepen the mythology.”

I’ve always been interested in the ancient history of the Jedi and I’m pretty excited that this next film will play with certain elements of that history to deepen its mythology. 

“Hopefully it will be fun to discover in the context of the movie. My notion was this is a place that goes all the way back. This is where the cave paintings are.”

Johnson goes on to talk about the island where Luke Skywalker resides and the design work that went into creating the temple structures and making them more primitive:

“The first designs that we had were temples, and I just kept pushing it back and saying, ‘No, think earlier, think earlier. Let’s push this all the way back and see how deep we can go into the foundations of where this all started.’”

So, it seems like those temples will be more like caves. I have no idea how much of this movie will take place on the island before Rey and Luke leave, but while they are there I’m sure we’ll get a good little Jedi history lesson. 


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Rian Johnson Talks About The Jedi Temple and Deepening The Jedi Mythology in STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI
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