Review: VICTORY'S PRICE Wins It's Place In The Star Wars Universe


The Star Wars universe is getting complicated. And no, I don’t mean the characters or political plots, I mean the franchise as a whole. From critically acclaimed TV like the Mandalorian and the Clone Wars to critical flops like The Last Jedi and Solo, the fans and critics alike are either loving some things while hating others. Even the video games are just as polarizing, Fallen Order being praised for its story and cool combat while Star Wars Battlefront 2 dealt with months of backlash on loot boxes until they fundamentally change a number of parts of the game. No matter what, at this point in time, if you make anything in the Star Wars universe, get ready to have it be scrutinized and enjoyed by some and despised by others.

With all that said, the Alphabet Squadron Trilogy of books started out with a great premise and first book. Alphabet Squadron, the first book, introduced a lot of fun characters and took us through a winding story. The second book, Shadow Fall, made some surprising story choices that didn’t pay off as well as expected, but the dogfights and characters were still entertaining enough. In Victory’s Price, the third and final book, we got a satisfying conclusion to the story built up to this point.


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Review: VICTORY'S PRICE Wins It's Place In The Star Wars Universe
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