New TV Spot For THE NEW MUTANTS Seemingly Reveals That The Movie is Coming To Disney+


A new TV spot from Australia for Marvel’s The New Mutants has surfaced and when you watch it, you’ll see that it seemingly confirms that the movie might end up being released on Disney+ on September 4th.

Disney has yet to officially make an announcement, but maybe that announcement is coming during the Comic-Con@Home virtual panel which is taking place this week. The movie was supposed to be released in theaters on August 8th, but who knows if movie theaters will even be open by then!

Disney has denied that the TV spot is real, but the studio said the same thing when some promo art for Solo: A Star Wars Story leaked out. They said that the promo art was “fake”, but then later used it to promote the film.

Trailer-Track Editor-in-Chief Anton Volkov also pointed out, the spot features footage which has not been released before. There’s a new shot of Danielle Moonstar at the 00:16, a shot of Demon Bear smashing through a wall at the 00:17 mark, a shot of the mutants in the rubble at 00:19 mark, and another glimpse of Mirage at 00:22.

Who knows, though, a fan could very well be trolling other fans. There are certain aspects of the trailer that don’t seem to fit, like the font used and how some of the text phrases are incorporated in the spot. I guess we’ll find out soon enough, but I don’t think it’s legit.

While I was looking forward to seeing this movie on the big screen, if it does end up being released on Disney+, I guess that would make sense. This film has just had the worst freakin’ luck trying to get released in theaters!


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New TV Spot For THE NEW MUTANTS Seemingly Reveals That The Movie is Coming To Disney+
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