New Details on Luke Skywalker in THE LAST JEDI; Will He Face Off With Snoke?


One their travels, Luke will have a few items with him to help him. One of these items is described as a marble compass in a box, and apparently, this compass is special. They describe it as being the “most beautiful piece of craftsmanship” in a Star Wars film:

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker has a compass that guides his way. The compass is a box with a blue marble-like orb on the top. I believe Luke Skywalker moves his hand over the blue orb and the box opens up to reveal the compass inside the box. The interior of the box has metallic dials with Aurebesh writing inside denoting some “space” version of North, South, East, and West with a needle to point the way. The prop is probably the most beautiful piece of craftsmanship I can think of for a Star Wars film. It has a very old look to it but the inside is almost steampunk or like something mystical from Naboo.

They don’t know exactly how the compass plays into the story, but they believe the compass is special or crucial in some way. Luke will also have a backpack with all kinds of survival gear:

Also of note is Luke’s orange backpack with a net on the back and his water bottle in it. The backpack has a net strapped to it and the net has kindling inside it for making a fire. I assume it is for making a fire, but it could be a porg’s nest for all I know. The backpack wasn’t like the one he has in Empire at all. In fact, it reminds me of the X-wing inspired backpacks you can buy at the mall today.

Luke will also be carrying around a wooden walking stick and a cattle prod-type weapon to ward off any creatures that get too close:

A person on set heard it called a “lightning rod” but it doesn’t look like an epic weapon. It looks like something you would just casually zap a pest with. Luke’s wooden walking stick clicks to his belt where his lightsaber would be. I did casually ponder if it could be a training saber like we saw in Star Wars Rebels but it looked more like a walking stick. However, I never saw a lightsaber on his belt, just these other utility tools for getting by on Ahch-To. In fact, I have yet to see Luke’s lightsaber at all. (I’m not saying he doesn’t have one in the film. I’m just saying I haven’t seen any empirical evidence of a lightsaber yet.)

Finally, there’s the big rumor that Luke Skywalker might be facing off with Supreme Leader Snoke and Rey will be taking on Kylo Ren. The rumor is, near the end of the film, Luke and Rey split up with Luke going after Snoke and Rey going after Kylo. We don’t know if either of these characters will come face to face with each other in The Last Jedi, but I imagine the will for sure in Episode IX.

There’s still so many questions I have building up in my head regarding Luke and what type of person he’s become since he’s been in hiding. I know there’s a lot of speculation that he could go bad in the film, but I don’t think that’s the case. Yeah, he definitely seems reluctant, but I think in the end Luke is going to once again save the Galaxy because deep down we all know that’s just the kind of guy he is. 

I really hope that we get to see him fight Snoke! That’s one thing I’m extremely excited about seeing!


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New Details on Luke Skywalker in THE LAST JEDI; Will He Face Off With Snoke?
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