New Details About Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Emerge


If you’re a Star Wars fan, there’s a decent chance you are excited for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to open this summer at Disneyland or this fall at Hollywood Studios. If you want a little more information about the park though, here’s a sneak peak thanks to Barron’s Magazine (via /Film).

According to the report, Disney is trying to make Galaxy’s Edge as immersive as possible for fans. Enclosed passageways will even compress and expand in order to simulate fades in movies. Also, the Millennium Falcon is apparently marked very subtly, and other rides will also feature less obvious signs. This may incur the wrath of many who just want to do rides, but I’m sure those looking for the immersive experience will be grateful. However, this means that the approximate 600 workers at the park will be asked a lot of questions regarding where rides are.

Another immersive experience (you can apparently opt out of the immersion, but that doesn’t sound as much fun) is in the Millennium Falcon where you can have different stories each flight. This can help direct participants to other parts of the park such as Oga’s Cantina. Speaking of Oga’s, not only will you be able to order a non-dairy drink they’re calling blue milk, you’ll be able to see shops, droids, characters, and stand a lot. The park is keeping Oga’s small and providing little sitting room in hopes of cutting down on crowds.


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New Details About Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Emerge
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