New Art For STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC Reveals The Look of a 700-Year-Old Yoda


The Jedi Master will be the focus of Daniel José Older’s Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures comic book series, which will be released by IDW Publishing next year. When talking about Yoda’s place in the story, the writer says:

“It’s especially exciting to be able to introduce him in the era of the High Republic. The High Republic Yoda is a journeyman out in the galaxy. While he’s already a respected member of the Jedi Council at this point, we meet Yoda in IDW’s The High Republic Adventures series doing what he loves best: looking out for the young folks – in this case, a group of Padawans travelling around the galaxy to learn the ways of the Jedi with a hands-on approach.”

Troy Alders, Lucasfilm art director, credits concept artist Iain McCaig, Disney Publishing illustration manager Jeff R. Thomas, and Star Wars: Dark Legends artist Grant Griffin with creating Yoda’s new look, and explains:

“The goal was to update Yoda, but to be careful and be true to the Yoda that we all know and love. Also, to really make sure that the new look was believable, as this is really the first time that there has been an opportunity to update his look and his clothing. It felt like a daunting and enormous responsibility to embark on and get right.

“Well, Yoda is not that much younger — around 700 years old instead of about 900. But we thought that with it being hundreds of years earlier, he would definitely have a different outfit, maybe even more than one. His age, as far as the way that his hair and face look, is maybe just slightly younger, but fairly close to his look in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.”

I like this younger look for Yoda and I’m actually looking forward to seeing how his story plays out in this new series of books.


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New Art For STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC Reveals The Look of a 700-Year-Old Yoda
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