Mark Hamill and Ron Perlman Join The TRANSFORMERS: PRIME WARS TRILOGY Animated Series


Hasbro and Machinima have announced some great casting for their animated series, Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogy. Fan favorites Mark Hamill (Star Wars) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy) have both joined the cast. Hamill will be taking on the role of Megatronous and Perlman will playing Optimus Primal. Both these actors have such great voices that are perfect for this franchise. Here are some additional details that were released on their characters and when we will see them:

Hamill, who returns to the Transformers franchise after previously starring in Transformers: Rescue Bots, will make his debut as Megatronus (The Fallen) in the finale of the currently running series Transformers: Titans Return and will air on January 9, 2018. One of the Thirteen Original Primes, Megatronus was exiled from Cybertron after murdering one of the other Thirteen, Solus Prime, effectively becoming the first Decepticon. In the finale episode of Transformers: Titans Return, he stays true to his past in a deadly showdown with one of the show’s beloved heroes.   

Perlman will make his debut when the third and final chapter of the trilogy, Transformers: Power Of The Primes, debuting in the spring of 2018. Perlman, who will be voicing Optimus Primal.

Hamill and Perlman will be joined by a host of new and returning talent including Judd Nelson as Rodimus Cron, Wil Wheaton as Perceptor, Jaime King (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) as Solus Prime, WWE superstar Samoa Joe as Predaking, DashieGames as Menasor), MatPat as Computron and Rob Dyke as Devastator.  

I’ve actually enjoyed these new animated Transformers series’ from Hasbro and Machinima. They are really well-made shows with good writing, good animation, and fun stories that cater to the fans of the original 80s series. 

Are you excited to hear that Mark Hamill and Ron Perlman will be involved!? You can watch Season 2 episode 10, “All Things Must Pass” below if you want.


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Mark Hamill and Ron Perlman Join The TRANSFORMERS: PRIME WARS TRILOGY Animated Series
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