Lucasfilm Should've Had a Clear Plan for the Whole New STAR WARS Trilogy Before Starting


Now that this final Star Wars trilogy is complete and we’ve seen how the Skywalker saga comes to an end, I thought we could discuss some things that Lucasfilm could have done to make it a much better experience.

I enjoyed the three films that were made; it was cool to see Star Wars make a come back and see some of our favorite characters back up on the big screen in a series of films that continued their stories. Now, while I was entertained by these films, Lucasfilm could have handled things a little better in how these movies were made.

These films divided fans and brought the worst out in many of them. I think there was another path the creative minds at Lucasfilm could have and should have taken that would have worked out a lot better for everyone in the long run. They should have had a solid story plan in place for the whole trilogy, a clear path that they could have followed.

Instead, we ended up with a trilogy that, while fun and exciting, still feels completely disjointed. The three films just don’t flow together. Hell, the prequel trilogy flows together better than this new trilogy! You could tell that George Lucas had a clear vision of what he wanted all the way through in both the original and prequel trilogies. While some fans bag on the prequel trilogy, at least they flow together and don’t contradict one another like these movies.

It makes no sense to me why Lucasfilm did not create a solid three story arc before starting production on these films. They should have had three full scripts written out and then shot them all back-to-back. While I’m sure there would be worries of leaked storylines… who cares! At least the three films would have flowed a lot better together than what we ended up getting.

Jon Favreau wrote out all the episodes of The Mandalorian before he started production. Why couldn’t Lucasfilm do the same thing this this trilogy? I think the end of the Skywalker saga could have been a lot better than what we got with a better organized path of creativity and storytelling.

Hell, Lucas did have a full vision and outline for this final trilogy. He knew exactly where he wanted the story to go, but Lucasfilm and their creative team didn’t really use any of his ideas! Disney bought the franchise and then just did what they did with it, handing it off to J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson and then let them play off each other’s ideas and concepts with no clear path. That’s a dangerous game to play, especially with the fans.

The way Lucasfilm handled this trilogy was messy. Yeah, they delivered three big epic blockbuster films that a lot of fans loved. But… it could’ve been even better.

How do you think Lucasfilm should’ve handled the creation of this latest trilogy? Are you completely satisfied?


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Lucasfilm Should've Had a Clear Plan for the Whole New STAR WARS Trilogy Before Starting
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