Lucasfilm Reportedly Won't Use Ray Park as Darth Maul Again Following Explicit Instagram Post


There have been several reports regarding Lucasfilm’s possible plans for Darth Maul in the live-action Star Wars shows that are being developed for Disney+. There’s been talk of a standalone series and reports of him appearing in multiple shows.

A lot of fans assumed that if this was true, we would see Ray Park back in the role. But, after he shared an explicit video on Instagram, the chances of him coming back to the role are slim. In case you didn’t hear, the actor posted a video of himself seemingly getting a BJ from someone. The video has since been removed, but the damage was done.

Now, according to LRMonline, Lucasfilm and Disney “have decided to move forward with Darth Maul without Ray Park.” This shouldn’t really come as a surprise! It makes sense that Disney and Lucasfilm would want to distance themselves from people with that kind of behavior.

The circumstances surrounding the video that was shared by Park are unclear, but it didn’t look good and Disney and Lucasfilm have always steered clear from any kind of controversy.

It won’t really be that hard for them to replace Maul, though. Hell, I think they should use actor Sam Witwer who voiced the character in the animated Star Wars shows!

How do you feel about Lucasfilm and Disney moving on with Darth Maul without Ray Park?


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