LOGAN Director James Mangold is Directing Lucasfilm's BOBA FETT Movie!


Some pretty awesome Star Wars news has been announced. Logan director James Mangold is set to write and direct Lucasfilm’s standalone Boba Fett movie! I loved what Mangold did with Logan and if he can bring that level of storytelling, character development, and badassery to Boba Fett, fans will be in for an awesome movie! 

The film was previously being developed by Fantastic Four director Josh Trank, who ended up being fired. So, Mangold is a vast improvement and a major director upgrade! At one point Simon Kinberg (Star Wars Rebels, X-Men: Dark Pheonix) was rumored to be working on the film. There’s no word on if he might be involved in any way. After all, he did work with Mangold on Logan.

Boba Fett didn’t have much screentime in the Star Wars films, but he sure did leave a big impact on the fans! He’s one of the most badass bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe, so of course, he’s going to get his own film, and with Mangold on board to give us that film, we have something great to look forward to. 

There are no details on the story, but it will be interesting to see what story they end up telling. What do you all think about Mangold directing the Boba Fett movie? What do you hope to see in the story for the Boba Fett film?

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LOGAN Director James Mangold is Directing Lucasfilm's BOBA FETT Movie!
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