Let's Talk About THE MANDALORIAN Chapter 7 "The Reckoning” Which is The Best Episode Yet


It’s been a couple of days since The Mandalorian Chapter 7 was released, and with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker being released today, I’m sure many of you have already had the chance to watch it. If not, first… what are you waiting for!? And second, you might want to skip this discussion.

Chapter 7 is titled “The Reckoning” and it’s easily the best episode that has been released yet. While I’ve enjoyed The Mando’s side adventures in the Star Wars universe, this episode gets back to business and continues to drive the main story of The Mandalorian and The Child forward in a big way!

The episode brings several of our favorite characters from the show back together including former Republic trooper Cara Dune (Gina Carano), the Ugnaught farmer Kuiil (Nick Nolte), and IG-11 (Taika Waititi), who has been reprogrammed by Kuiil to protect instead of kill. It’s nice to see the lone Mandalorian working with a team of allies.

They team up with The Mandalorian after he receives a message from Greef Karga (Carl Weathers), who offers a deal that would clear Mando and Baby Yoda’s bounties. You See, The Client’s (Werner Herzog) Imperial forces are disrupting Karga’s operations, and he’ll clear the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda’s names in exchange for killing the Client.

As they embark on this new journey, there are some genuinely shocking twists and turns in the story. One of the most interesting things for me was when we saw Baby Yoda use the light and the dark side of the Force. We see him use the force to heal Greef Karga after he is wounded in an attack and then it was unexpected and crazy to see The Child instinctively Force choking Cara Dune during a harmless arm-wrestling match. It was kinda horrifying. I don’t recall ever seeing Yoda Force choke someone! That’s a Sith move, even if he was protecting a friend.

So, The Child is at a point in his life where his powers can be used, and the people who are surrounding him have no idea what the hell is going on, which I love! It’s interesting to see a group of characters in the Star Wars universe that have no knowledge of the Force. All Kuiil says about it is that he’s heard rumors.

Anyway, we eventually learn that Karga set a trap for the Mandalorian but changed his mind and decided to help them after being healed by The Child. They come up with a plan to have Mando delivered to The Client by Cara and Karga and will make them believe that they also have The Child, but he is really being taken back to the ship by Kuiil.

When they enter the town, they see that it has been overwhelmed by the heightened Imperial presence. As Karga foretold though, The Client’s only company is his four-trooper fire team, which has taken over the tavern. When they confront The Client, he wants to see The Child, but they stall. There’s some amusing banter about the kid being asleep. As things are about to get hairy, The Client gets a call from Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) that allows Mando to prepare to kill him. But, Gideon beats him to it.

Moments after the call comes a squad of Stormtroopers and Death Troopers who show up and start blasting into the pub causing death and chaos. The Client was hit in the attack but we don’t know if he’s dead. We just know that he failed Gideon and Gideon wasn’t happy.

Obviously Mando is worried about Kuiil and The Child, but as all this was going on, two Scout Troopers went after them. In a very emotional turn of events, Kuiil is killed in the process and The Child is snatched up by the Troopers. I loved the character Kuiil, so it was hard to see him be taken out like that. But at least he died honorably.

What did you all think of the The Mandalorian Chapter 7 “The Reckoning”? We’ve only got one episode left!


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Let's Talk About THE MANDALORIAN Chapter 7 "The Reckoning” Which is The Best Episode Yet
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