Let's Talk About RWBY Volume 8 Episode 4 – "Fault"


We start with Robyn, Qrow, and Jacques in Atlas prison. Robyn is telling stories and the others are just listening. Eventually, Qrow talks a bit about what happened with Clover and Tyrion and how awful that was. Harriet and Morrow then come in to throw Arthur back into prison and Robyn almost gets Harriet to open her cell. Harriet is mad at Qrow stating that he doesn’t get to have Clover’s pin and Qrow gets defensive. Robyn offers to let Harriet know the truth using Robyn’s semblance, she just has to let her out since it requires physical touch. She also calls Harriet out saying that Harriet doesn’t actually care about the truth. Most interesting to me was Morrow. He is really looking conflicted and a little hurt about the situation going on, but he’s also the one that keeps Harriet from doing something like letting Robyn out.

Let’s get over to more action stuff. Jaune, Ren, and Yang are chasing after the Grimm that’s carrying Oscar back to Salem. It’s a fun chase scene and Ren is almost able to do something, but the Grimm calls for backup which is new. This really puts Yang and Jaune into some tough positions and they go over a cliff and almost fall to their death. Thankfully, Ren is able to save them. Unfortunately, the bikes they were using are trashed and they’re forever away from Mantle. As they’re walking, Ren finally snaps and yells at Yang and Jaune. He talks about how he feels they don’t’ really know what they’re doing. Jaune steps up though and decides that their survival is more important at the moment. Later, he’s talking with Yang about how he used to do the same thing of push everyone away when things were going to crap.

I have to say, Jaune really is becoming one of my favorites. He’s really matured and grown into a great character. Hopefully, mopey Ren doesn’t last too long.

Finally, we get to see what’s going on with Salem’s crew. Oscar wakes up and she wants him to tell her how to activate the lamp. He doesn’t tell her and Hazel comes in to torture him. Poor Oscar. This is really a sucky situation he’s found himself in. Meanwhile, Cinder wants to go and stop Ruby from doing whatever Ruby is doing and Salem tells her to not do anything. Cinder doesn’t like that so she tells Neo that she’s going to sneak out and be back before anyone notices. Emerald is there though and offers to help since Neo doesn’t seem too keen on any of this.

I know some people think that Cinder may see a redemption arc, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think Neo will go through a redemption arc, but I think Cinder’s going to be more like General Hux in Star Wars. Maybe help the heroes for a bit, but not for a good cause. Emerald might also see a redemption arc, but she is so hot for Cinder I don’t know that it will actually happen.

What do you think of the current situation? Where do you think things are going to go from here?


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Let's Talk About RWBY Volume 8 Episode 4 – "Fault"
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