Le Creuset's Star Wars collection includes a $900 dutch oven


Unlike Lego’s numerous Star Wars tie-ins, Le Creuset’s new collection won’t spoil The Rise of Skywalker for you. The collection includes a bit of everything. There’s a Porg pie bird — a pie bird, for the uninitiated, is used to vent steam from a pie while it bakes; three droid-themed mini Dutch ovens; and a Death Star-themed silicone trivet mat. But, if we’re honest, none of those compare with the brilliance that is the “Han Solo in Carbonite Signature Roaster.” I mean, look at the thing, it’s beautiful. That said, prepare to pay a pretty credit to have the rakish smuggler adorn your cookware; the limited-edition roaster will cost $450.

Tatooine Dutch Oven

At $450, however, the Han Solo roaster isn’t even the most expensive item in the collection. That distinction goes to the striking hand-made Tatooine round Dutch oven. According to the company, it will only sell four Tatooine Dutch ovens in the US, and just one will set you back a cool $900. Complete with Tatoonie’s binary stars, Le Creuset promises, “Our Dutch oven promises an end result that’s anything but dry — unlike the sun-scorched lands of Tatooine.”

To the company’s credit, most of the items in the collection will be a lot more affordable. The Death Star and Millennium Falcon trivets, for example, will cost $20. The Porg pie bird mentioned above will set you back $25, and the three mini dutch ovens will cost $30 apiece. The Star Wars x Le Creuset collection will be available in the US starting on November 1st at Le Creuset and Williams Sonoma stores.


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Le Creuset's Star Wars collection includes a $900 dutch oven
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