Jar Jar Binks Asks Ron Howard to Put Him in The HAN SOLO Movie in Amusing Funny or Die Comedy Sketch


We recently posted an article about the time that new Han Solo director Ron Howard called Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace a “truly amazing” film. Now one of the film’s stars, Jar Jar Binks, wants in on the Han Solo movie action! He thinks there’s a possibility that Howard will give him the chance to shine.

Funny or Die created a fun little comedy sketch featuring an “anonymous” Star Wars fan, who we all know is Jar Jar Binks, explaining why Howard should bring the character back into the Star Wars universe to make the Han Solo movie even better. He and Han Solo could have a very important relationship with each other in the story! The video came with the following description:

A source close to the new Star Wars Han Solo project has come forward to reveal why they believe the hiring of Ron Howard as director could be a good thing for the movie. Due to the sensitive nature of these comments, the interviewee has chosen to remain anonymous.

For me, one of the worst parts of The Phantom Menace was Jar Jar Binks. He was so annoying, but George Lucas thought they kids wold love him, and you know what? A lot of the kids did! Over the years I’ve come across several Star Wars fans who grew up with The Phantom Menace that still love the movie and think Jar Jar is a cool character. It’s kinda weird, but those people are out there. It’s my least favorite film in the Star Wars franchise, but I did love Darth Maul. He was such a badass character.  


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