IRON FIST Actress Jessica Henwick Reveals the Crazy Level of Marvel and Star Wars Script Secrecy


Jesica Henwick, the actress who plays Colleen Wing in Marvel’s upcoming series Iron Fist, recently shared her experiences in dealing with script secrecy. The actress has appeared in some pretty high profile projects that include Game of Thrones and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. All of these projects require a certain level of secrecy so that no information leaks out, and she talked to Games Radar about the level of security to keep their secrets safe. 

“Every time I take one of these jobs I think I’ve experienced it all in terms of secrecy, and then a new job goes and adds another level to it.”

She then went on to talk about her experience with Lucasfilm and Disney while working on The Force Awakens, and it’s seriously crazy! They go to great lengths to keep their info locked away. After reading this, it’s hard to imagine how anything would leak out! 

“On Star Wars it culminated in this four-hour session where they took my phone away and they took my bag and my coat so I had no belongings with me. They led me into this tiny room which had a safe in it, and inside the safe was one envelope, and it was sealed, and inside the envelope were my pages. The pages were red so you couldn’t photocopy them.”

When it comes to Marvel and working on Iron Fist, it’s not as intense, but there’s still a verification process to read the scripts because they won’t send them to you. She explained: 

“They don’t send you the script, you’ve got to get an app on your phone to access the scripts and the app has to be double-verification, like they’ve got to call you and you’ve got to get the passcode!”

These are some drastic measures to keep a project’s information safe. I honestly don’t know how any information leaks out for these projects! It just must be the loose lips of people working on these shows and movies, people who have gone through this process of secrecy! 


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IRON FIST Actress Jessica Henwick Reveals the Crazy Level of Marvel and Star Wars Script Secrecy
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