If You Grew Up Playing With Action Figures Watch The Trailer For Netflix's THE TOYS THAT MADE US


When I was growing up, toys and cartoons were my life! I spent hours upon hours playing with action figures of my favorite movie and TV characters creating my own adventures with them. It seems to me like Imagination is a talent that more and more kids are losing these days. 

Anyway, Netflix is releasing a new documentary series called The Toys That Made Us. The eight-episode series will take us on a nostalgic journey giving us a breakdown of the history of some of our favorite and most popular toys like Star Wars, He-Man, G.I. Joe, Barbie, and more. It includes interviews with several collectors and historians as they talk about the success of these toy brands and why we love them so much.

Toys were so much cooler back in the day! Most toy companies don’t make badass action figures like this anymore and it’s kinda sad. To this day I collect toys. I especially enjoy collecting the old-school 80s G.I. Joe figures. I have so many memories playing with those action figures and I love the nostalgic feeling I get whenever I see my favorites at a convention or something. I have to buy at least one!

Since I’m a big fan of action figures from the past, I’m pretty excited about this upcoming documentary series. Check out the trailer below. Thanks to /Film for the heads up!


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