Hey Lucasfilm! Ron Perlman Wants in on Some STAR WARS Action!


Ron Perlman is an extremely fun actor to watch and has a larger than life personality that his fans love and appreciate. After all these years it’s kind of surprising that no one has asked him to be in a Star Wars movie! That’s a franchise that he would fit right into.

In a recent interview with CB, the actor was asked if he’d be interested in being a part of the Star Wars franchise and this was his response:

“Write your Congressman, because I’d love to be seen in one of those. Whatever you got to do. Say, ‘Hey George [Lucas], there’s this newcomer, this kid named Perlman, you should really check him out.'”

At this point, George Lucas doesn’t really have a say in who is cast in the films or new live-action TV shows, but the filmmakers who are developing those projects should definitely reach out to him! Hell, it seems like a series like The Mandalorian would be a great project for him to join!

Hopefully someone in charge sees that Perlman wants in on the Star Wars action and casts him in a cool role!

Perlman went on to say that he has no interest in playing another comic book character again. Hellboy was it for him and now he’s done:

“Well, I’m not much of a comic book dude, so I don’t know who’s really out there. I didn’t find Hellboy, Guillermo [del Toro] found Hellboy and Guillermo just introduced Hellboy to me and infused me with his boyish fanboy obsession with the character. That’s what got me through that one. No, there’s no comic book character that I have identified that I’m dying to play. Plus, I don’t know if, at 68, I should even be educating the notion of superheroes anymore.”

While comic book movies may be out for the actor, there’s a whole future of Star Wars projects out there filled with fun, interesting, badass characters, and maybe one day Perlman will play one of them.


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Hey Lucasfilm! Ron Perlman Wants in on Some STAR WARS Action!
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