Here's a Cool Preview of Some Deleted Scenes From STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI


Thanks to the most recent episode of The Star Wars Show, we have a preview of some of the deleted scenes that will be included on the home entertainment release for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It’s a quick look at some never-before-seen footage, and as a fan of the film, it’s pretty cool to get a glimpse of this stuff!

Director Rian Johnson previously revealed that the Blu-ray will include 20 minutes of deleted scenes, so What the director shows us here is just a little taste. He explained that there was a ton of additional footage that was shot but they are only going to give us all the good and major stuff that matters. 

Most of the footage you’ll see here involves Rey and at one point we see her break through a fense of bones while running ready to kick some ass. We also see her talking to Luke saying, “That old legend of Luke Skywalker that you hate so much… I believed in it!” Oh yeah, this all takes place during a party with the caretakers of Ahch-To. There’s actually a description of what is going on in this scene, which you can read below.

A lot of this stuff is going to be included in the novelization for the film, which will also include Han Solo’s funeral. This book sounds like it’s going to contain even more detailed aspects of the story, which should make for an interesting read. Maybe it will clarify some of the confusing aspects of the film.


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Here's a Cool Preview of Some Deleted Scenes From STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI
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