Four Films Have Been Disqualified for Grammys for Original Song and Original Score Including SOLO


The Academy is currently going through first-round voting for the Oscars, and there have already been some disqualifications. In the categories for Original Song and Original Score, four films have already been taken off the list for a variety of reasons.

Solo: A Star Wars Story had its score, composed by John Powell with themes by John Williams, disqualified because it was not entered on time. The submission deadline was November 15 and they apparently missed it.

Mandy, whose score was composed by Johann Johannsson, was disqualified seemingly because “it was released on VOD before it completed its qualifying run” which is apparently against Academy rules. Meanwhile, Green Book’s score, composed by Kris Bowers, was disqualified because of how prominent the source music was in the film. Finally, Michel Legrand’s score for The Other Side of the Wind was disqualified. The reason stated by Variety was “because of the considerable amount of source music he did not compose, mostly songs heard in the background during the film’s lengthy party sequence.” That last one is especially sad since it is reported that Legrand had composed roughly two hours of music, but in the final cut, only about 40 minutes was included.

Shortlists for the Oscars will be announced on December 17, 2018. What do you think about these disqualifications?


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