DreamWorks Presents DinoTrux

DinoTrux premieres August 14th and I wanted to share a little freebies and behind the scene information with you. Back in June, DreamWorks sent me out to their studios to review and get a sneak peak of this new exclusive show airing August 14th 2015. First off when I arrived, I stayed right across from the amazing Universal Citywalk. This was my first trip to Los Angeles and what a perfect way to start!


DreamWorks isn’t normally open to the public so when I first arrived, I just had to explore. When you first walk into DreamWorks, I got to walk around a little bit and boom right there as soon as you walk in was an amazing trophy case of  awards they have won. Oscars, People’s Choice Awards, and so many others.  It was really neat to be able to see awards, custom drawings, fan art, and props sitting right in front of you from some of your favorite movies.

IMG_3273 IMG_3274 IMG_3275

I was able to speak to the Executive Producers David Kidd and Rob Burch. We did about an half hour Q & A where they explained a lot of where the vision, character’s personalities, goals, and so much more came from. They were a hoot and it was amazing experience to be able to pick their brains. DinoTrux is focused on age groups around 4-7 years old. They said the series is based off the Books of the same name, however taking it to Netflix gave them the chance to grow and take it to the ‘next level’.


One of the best parts about the trip was the chance for me to get in the studio and do my own recording. I had a short script and will say it took me a few takes to get it but once I was set up and ready, i nailed it….. so I thought. I must say its not as easy as you think just reading into a microphone however, I was happy with how i did and they even recorded it and sent me a copy of the video. I’ll let you decide how well I did.



After the recording, we got to speak to a few of the others who had their hands in the project. The team has been working on an all new app, that recently just launched in both the Google and Apple App stores. It takes you to the world of DinoTrux where you can interact with different worlds, characters, and so much more. It’s a must download (its free) and your kids will love it and it will surely keep them busy!

So on August 14th, Grab The Popcorn sit down with the family and turn on Netflix. There will be 10 episodes available right away. If you can’t wait for the 14th, go ahead and download the app, there is a preview of Episode 1 on there and if that isn’t enough DinoTrux, go ahead and click the image below and download your very own DinoTrux Trading Cards!


DreamWorks Presents DinoTrux
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