Dragons: Race to the Edge premieres #DreamworksDragons

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DreamWorks and Netflix partner up to offer a 52 episode, multi-season exclusive show for all fans.

This series starts a year and a half before the second film ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2‘. As the ‘kids’ grow up and their village (Berk) advances from the time frame set in ‘How To Train Your Dragon‘ we get to see there is a lot more going on. For dragon fans this will fill in a lot of questions about the characters and how the dragons and people get along.

DreamWorks Media Event

Exclusive Visit to DreamWorks for Dragons: Race to the Edge

Grab The Popcorn was invited to go behind the scenes in what will be an amazing series only available on Netflix. Sit back as Hiccup and Toothless guides you through an amazing adventure. The cast will unlock new worlds, new dragons, new adventures and new character relationships. Executive Producers Art Brown and Doug Sloan explain the Netflix and the DreamWorks exceptions were set so high that the series “Had to be cool for all audiences”.  The series will be a great fit for all types: Adults will love that they can watch with their children and can talk about the values taught in each episode. The Dragon “fans” will be able to pull easter egg from each show. Most importantly the new audiences will be able to jump right into this amazing world and will be able to catch right on. If you didn’t see the first two films, you will not feel left out. This was important to the producers and writers when establishing the series.

In the first two episodes, the kids will find an ancient artifact called the Dragon Eye, which will launch them into a whole new adventure. The kids are around the 19 year old time frame and will introduce them to a whole new world and learning environment. You will be able to dive into each character deeper and find out more about them and their personality. Something that is hard to do in a main feature film. You will learn about the growth of Berk and how now they can build vertically without the fear of Dragons destroying their town and having to start over as before.


Dragons: Race to the Edge premieres #DreamworksDragons
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