Disney Teams Up With Secret Cinema to Bring Immersive Experience to Fans With Some Classic Disney Titles


Disney Studios has signed a multi-picture deal with the company Secret Cinema, in which some Disney-owned titles will get an immersive experience revamp added to the film for fans to enjoy. There’s no word yet on which films will be adapted in the deal, but THR provides the following incredible description of what Secret Cinema does with the films they adapt:

Secret Cinema is a unique and immersive movie-screening series that, as the company touts, revolutionizes the way people experience a film. Fusing film with live music, art, theater and dance, Secret Cinema creates elaborate authentic worlds where the movie’s story lives and breathes, placing the audience at the heart of the action and bringing the story to life.

The company converts huge spaces into movie worlds where actors play out storylines and hero moments each night of the production. Audiences participate by becoming part of the show and story, from the moment they buy a ticket to when they are assigned a character and are transported into the preshow narrative. Filmgoers step into the world of the movie, becoming their character, and uncover secret storylines and participate as if they were inside the film itself.

The first show will premiere later this year in London, but the deal includes the company bringing shows to the United States, including New York and Los Angeles. Some previous titles they’ve performed in the past are Moulin Rouge!, Blade Runner, Casablanca, Grand Budapest Hotel, Shawshank Redemption, Stranger Things, Alien, and even Star Wars before it was owned by Disney.

This is so exciting! I’m sure it will be an outrageously priced ticket, but it sounds like a once in a lifetime experience you wouldn’t regret. I want to go!

Which Disney-owned title would you be most excited to see?!


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Disney Teams Up With Secret Cinema to Bring Immersive Experience to Fans With Some Classic Disney Titles
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