DIY: Disney Frozen Dessert Jars

frozen disney jar

What You’ll Need

• 1 Mason jar per child, 8- or 16-ounce
• White cake (pre-made or you can make your own)
• Spice cake or chocolate cake (pre-made or you can make your own)
• 2 mixing bowls
• Whipped cream
• Prepared pudding (optional)
• Candies, colorful sprinkles, fruit or other toppings
• Cardstock – blue, purple or white
• Scissors
• Glue stick
• Blue and silver self-adhesive “jewels”
• Self-adhesive snowflake decorations or hand-cut snowflakes
• Spray-on snow
• Purple self-adhesive “jewels”
• Purple ribbon
How To Make It

1) Divide the children into two groups, one with Elsa jars and one with Anna jars. Give kids in the Elsa group blue and silver self-adhesive jewels to stick on their jars and self-adhesive snowflake decorations. Help older kids hand-cut small snowflakes and use a glue stick to attach them to the jars.

Optional: Print the children’s names on a sheet of cardstock. Place a Mason jar lid over each name and trace around it with a pencil, then use scissors to cut out the names. Attach each name label to a jar lid using a glue stick or simply use the canning jar’s ring to hold the names in place.

2) Have an adult finish the Elsa jars with spray-on snow for an appropriately wintery look.

3) Give the Anna group purple and blue self-adhesive jewels to stick on the jars and purple ribbons to tie around them.

Optional: Paint winter-themed designs onto the jars with water-soluble acrylic paints. Moms’s can do this themselves or help older kids paint on designs.

4) Arrange your jars in two equal groups, one for Elsa desserts and one for Anna desserts.

5) Slice or tear the cake into bite-sized pieces – your kids will cheerfully help with this part – and fill separate mixing bowls with each variety of cake.

6) Make a layer of white cake at the bottom of half of the jars, representing Elsa’s white-blond hair. Use spice or chocolate cake in the remaining jars to symbolize Anna’s darker locks.

7) Spoon a layer of whipped cream over the cake pieces and give each jar a gentle rap against the countertop so the cream settles into the spaces around the cake. At the side of the jar, you should see distinct layers of cake and cream.

8) Repeat the layering process until the jar is nearly full. You’ll need at least three or four layers to make it look extra-delicious.

Optional: You can use prepared pudding as a filling alternately with the whipped cream, but finish with a layer of cream to act as a blank canvas for the final decorations.

9) Scatter colorful sprinkles or small, colorful candies over the top of the desserts to represent jewels, or – if it’s a winter party – use crushed candy canes.

Optional: For a healthy alternative, use sliced fruit or fresh berries for a bright and flavorful decoration.

10) Once you’ve filled the bejeweled jars with layers of cake and toppings, stack them for picture-taking and mutual admiration before the hungry artists empty them.

DIY: Disney Frozen Dessert Jars
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