Dave Filoni Reportedly Directing Episodes of Jon Favreau's Live-Action STAR WARS Series


Almost a year ago it was rumored that Star Wars animation producer Dave Filoni would be directing a live-action Star Wars series. Well, it’s looking like that actually might be the case!

Making Star Wars is reporting that Filoni might be directing two episode of Jon Favreau’s live-action series, and that includes the first episode. The report also says that a Marvel Cinematic Universe alum is said to be involved with directing the series as well. They say there are five directors in total for season one and three are directing two episodes.

With all the awesome work that Filoni has done for the animated star wars shows, he certainly has earned the opportunity to direct a live action Star Wars project. It makes sense that this series could be it.

The series, which is said to now consist of 8-episodes instead of 10, has actually already started shooting and there are some set photos for you to check out here. Those photos tease a desert location similar to that of Tatooine or Jakku. It could be placed anywhere in the galaxy, though. They went on to describe the costumes they saw on the set:

They were wearing dark brown jackets with hoodies, kind of like a Jawa hood so we could not see their faces (we’re not saying the face is blacked out) but even when they turned towards us we couldn’t see any flesh of the face. They had a pauldron type of rounded shoulder armor on the left side that is slightly lighter than the jacket.  They also had on a utility belt that is lighter colors of yellow and brown with dark brown pants with boots. They could just be standard Star Wars city dwellers, but both guys were wearing the same outfit. 

On top of all that, there is a strange rumor that Werner Herzog could be in the live action Star Wars show. There’s no info on what kind of role he would play, but he would make an interesting addition. We’ll just have to wait and see how these reports pan out.

It was already confirmed that the series would take place seven years after the events of Return of the Jedi and before the events of The Force Awakens. This is a time in the Star Wars Universe that hasn’t really been explored before. It was also revealed that the show will introduce us to all-new characters and will incorporate the “cutting edge tech” that Favreau used to help bring Disney’s The Jungle Book to life. 

The series will also have a budget of $100 million. Are you happy to hear that Filoni might actually be directing episodes of the live-action series?


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Dave Filoni Reportedly Directing Episodes of Jon Favreau's Live-Action STAR WARS Series
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