Daisy Ridley Debunks STAR WARS Fan Theory that Rey Was Immaculately Conceived


We’re only days away from Star Wars: The Last Jedi arriving in theaters and now Daisy Ridley is taking the opportunity to tell you that your Rey Theory sucks!  Ridley told ScreenRant that Rey was not immaculately conceived, but would not speak more about her family tree or lineage. 

When asked if she had read any fan theories online that were correct about the origin of her character she simply responded with, “No!” 

I mean, I’ve read a fan theory about Immaculate Conception. In fact, that was the only one that I read because someone directed me toward it and I was like you should get to work. Immaculate Conception. Then someone told me that I was actually Snoke or something or other, and it was time travel and I do think it’s hilarious that there’s this like great character and everyone was trying to attribute it to another character.”

She was then asked about the Rey is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s granddaughter theory:

“Oh. Oh. Oh. I dunno. The only one I read is about Immaculate Conception so technically I’ve never read a real one.”

Wait, did you catch that?  She didn’t answer that question. So don’t rule out the Ben Kenobi theory just yet. 

If you aren’t familiar with the immaculate conception theory, I wrote one up a few years ago. Was mine the one she read? Probably not, but I can’t imagine the theory she saw wasn’t much different.

Well maybe we will finally learn a thing or two about Rey’s lineage when The Last Jedi hits theaters this month, or maybe not and we’ll just have to wait until Episode IX.


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Daisy Ridley Debunks STAR WARS Fan Theory that Rey Was Immaculately Conceived
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