Check Out Ben Kenobi's Crazy Rematch With Darth Maul From Dark Horse Comics


As you know, Star Wars Rebels is currently building up to a rematch between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul. I’m incredibly excited about that, but that isn’t the first rematch that been envisioned between the two characters. io9 has reminded me that Dark Horse Comics’s anthology series, Star Wars Visionaries, featured Kenobi and Maul going ballistic on each other. 

Star Wars Visionaries was a collection of spin-off stories created by ten Lucasfilm concept artists who had worked on Revenge of the Sith. All these stories are part of the former Expanded Universe, and the one that specifically deals with Kenobi and Maul gives us an idea of what we might see in the Rebels.

This particular story was published in 2005, and it’s called “Old Wounds.” It was created by Aaron McBride and followed a Darth Maul hell-bent on revenge as he hunts down Obi-Wan, who is three years into his time on Tatooine, where he is watching over Luke Skywalker. Maul tracks him down there, heads to the Lars homestead and puts Luke Skywalker’s life in danger to lure Kenobi out… it works, and Kenobi is pissed. As you’ll see in the comic panels below, Kenobi makes one hell of a badass entrance! He then proceeds to kick the living shit out of Darth Maul. Check it out!


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Check Out Ben Kenobi's Crazy Rematch With Darth Maul From Dark Horse Comics
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