Background Characters From STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE Will Be Explored in New Anthology


Greedo, Aunt Beru, Chief Jawa. All these characters are background characters who help fill in gaps for the main cast of Star Wars. But a new anthology series will be released celebrating the 40th anniversary for Star Wars which gives more of their background. The story from their point of view.

The collection, entitled Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View, will focus on the story of A New Hope but from the point of view of all the other characters who exist in the world. They have said to include X-wing pilots who helped Luke destroy the Death Star, to the stormtroopers who never quite found the droids they were looking for.

There are 40 stories set to be told by 40 different authors to celebrate the 40th anniversary. The Anthology will be published by Del Rey Publishing and released in October of this year. I know there are some characters I’ve always wanted to know more about, and how they fit into the Universe altogether. Like that one member of the Cantina band who definitely had something special about him. He was gonna make it big. 

The full list of authors who are participating are forgoing compensation for their stories to donate the proceeds to First Book, a nonprofit that provides materials to educators and organizations serving children in need. 

I think this will be a fun read that will make the first Star Wars film even more engaging. Any stories you are particularly excited about. Post below.


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Background Characters From STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE Will Be Explored in New Anthology
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