AVENGERS OF JUSTICE: FARCE WARS Will Spoof Marvel and STAR WARS in The Same Movie


It’s been a little while since we’ve seen any high-profile spoof movies come through Hollywood, but it looks like another is on its way, and it’s taking aim at two of the biggest forces in the entertainment industry: Marvel and Star Wars.

Variety reports that Avengers of Justice: Farce Wars, a new film from director Jarret Tarnol (See You in Valhalla), has cast Amy Smart (Road Trip, Crank), Stephen Rannazzisi (The League), Simon Rex (Scary Movie), and WWE wrestler Shawn Michaels in lead roles. In case you’re interested in what the movie is about, here’s Variety’s breakdown:

In the film, Earth is reeling from one too many superhero and super-villain clashes. These face-offs have led to billions of dollars in damages, and forced heroes with superpowers into hiding.

Rannazzisi plays SuperBat, who has lost his fortune, mansion, and the joy he once got from crime fighting. Rex will appear as Dark Jokester, a baddie who wants to freeze the world. Michaels will appear as SuperBat’s mentor and the man who whips him into shape. Smart takes on Jean Wonder, SuperBat’s wife and Dark Jokester’s kidnap victim. In order to fight Dark Jokester, SuperBat reunites the Avengers of Justice, a group with members such as Beaverine, El Capitan South America, and ThorBacca.

My God, I thought we came together as a society and collectively rejected this kind of crap. I can’t possibly be the only one who thinks this sounds abysmal, right?

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AVENGERS OF JUSTICE: FARCE WARS Will Spoof Marvel and STAR WARS in The Same Movie
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