A STAR WARS: EPISODE IX Poster Reveals Knights of Ren and Character Promo Art Leak Online


One of the cool things regarding the poster is that it features the Knights of Ren, and there are a lot of Star Wars fans who were hoping to see the Knights of Ren in this movie! I know I was! So, it’s good to see that they are going to be showing up!

As you will see below, the poster also some of the Star Wars vehicles that include the Y-wing an orange X-wing and some TIE Fighters. The poster also confirms that the film will feature Red Stormtroopers. These Stormtroopers are said to report to the Knights of Ren.

This promo art was shared by Making Star Wars and they offer the following note:

It should be noted that there are a few “weird” things with the poster. The alien next to Finn for instance is the digital mock up and not the suit filmed on set. The red stormtroopers do not appear to be the final versions as far as we know and the same goes for The Knights of Ren. There’s always a chance these were to be fixed before the items hit retail. We can’t say either way 100% but I think we might need to save a little space in our heads for that possibility.

So, it seems like this poster is an early mock-up of what Lucasfilm will eventually release. Check out the poster and character art in the Twitter embeds below.

Star Wars: Episode IX is currently set to be released on December 20th, 2019.


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