3 Great New TV Spots For SOLO Feature Chewy Playing Holochess and a Possible RETURN OF THE JEDI Connection


We’ve got three new TV spots for Solo: A Star Wars Story for you to watch today! They are all incredibly fun and they each offer up some new footage for fans to enjoy. 

The first promo features Paul Bettany‘s gangster character Dryden Vos speaking for the first time. It also includes Han finding his co-pilot and a great clip of Chewbacca getting mad while playing Holochess with Woody Harrelson‘s Tobias Beckett. It’s hilarious to watch him as he tries to knock the peices off the table. 

The second promo includes what could be a connection to Return of the Jedi. The scene features Han and Chewy chained up and walking out of the Millennium Flacon. Behind them we see someone wearing a costume very similar to the disguise that Lando Calrissian wore in Jabba’s palace to rescue Han. I’ve included a screenshot below that trailer.

The third promo is a Chinese trailer that offers additional new footage of Dryden Vos saying, “You’ll spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder.” I also include a Chinese poster for the film above.

It’s looking like this movie is going to be a big success for Lucasfilm and Disney. Pre-ticket sales are blowing up and if this movie does well, we’ll probably see a couple of sequels. Enjoy the new promo spots!


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