You'll Be Able To Train Porgs in a New ILMxLAB STAR WARS Augmented Reality Experience

As much as I enjoyed Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there was one aspect of it that I could have done without… the porgs. I was not a big fan of those silly alien rodent creatures.

Now, for some reason, LucasFilm’s ILMxLAB, which is developing lots of Star Wars experiences using VR, AR and other emerging technologies, has just announced a new project called Star Wars: Project Porg. This is an augmented reality experience that will allow people to train porgs.

Star Wars: Project Porg is a “mixed-reality immersive experiment in which you’ll need to gain the trust and affection of your porgs. How? You’ll feed them treats, play with them, and you’ll also teach them how to maneuver real-world environments with care instructions from C-3PO himself.” 

Variety has shared a brief description of what they saw of Project Porg at a preview event:

ILMxLAB demonstrated the experience at a press preview event Tuesday, where the lab had added some extra AR easter eggs for L.E.A.P attendees. The living room setup used to demonstrate the app featured a handful of physical objects that could be controlled with the Magic Leap One headset, thanks to AR overlays that explained their functionality. This allowed attendees to turn on a Sonos speaker, change the program on a TV set and turn on a fan, and then see the porgs react to each of these devices — a nap in front of the TV included.

I think this whole thing sounds ridiculous, but I’m sure there are some fans out there that will enjoy it. I’m sure they’re mostly kids.

Project Porg will be available in December and will be available to mess around on with the AR headset the Magic Leap One.

What do you think about this this porg training AR experience?

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