What Franchise Do You Think is Stricter With Their Guidelines… Marvel or Star Wars?


Marvel and Star Wars are both huge franchises that have a connected universe with certain elements and guidelines that the writers and directors of their projects have to follow.

While the heads of both franchises have said that they allow their filmmakers creative freedom, we all know that there have to be some kind of limitations! The question is, which of the franchises have stricter guidelines to follow?

Director Taika Waititi has worked with both properties as he directed Thor: Ragnarok and an episode of The Mandalorian. If you were to ask him that question, he would say Star Wars. How do I know that? Because The Observer asked him that exact question and he said without hesitation, “Star Wars, yeah, easily.”

From what I’ve heard about how both of these properties are run, I would have also said Star Wars. After all, they’ve fired more directors off their projects that didn’t seem to mesh with the direction that Lucasfilm wanted to take things.

So, I guess whenever anyone at Lucasfilm talks about the creative freedom they had, we all know that it’s not that much freedom. However, maybe that will be different with the upcoming two separate trilogies that are being developed that won’t be connected to anything from the original saga. I imagine that there are some guidelines they will have to follow, though.

When talking about not being able to push boundaries with his episode of The Mandalorian, he said:

“I gotta check. Sometimes they’ll say, ‘You’ve driven the Marvel truck out of the land and off the freeway and you gotta come back now.’”

Now with all that being said, if you were given the opportunity to make a Marvel or Star Wars movie, which franchise would you jump on board?


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