Video: The Limitations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Part 2


A couple of weeks ago, I posted the first video in Patrick H Willems’ YouTube series, The Limitations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first video had a lot to do with plot holes and storyline issues, while it praised Joss Whedon as a game-changer in the MCU.

This video is not nearly as kind to Anthony and Joe Russo, the directors of the latest Captain America and Avengers movies. The other major problems are with the CGI, the cinematography, the muddling together of the superheroes’ styles, and the overall feeling of this phase of the MCU. He also compares the MCU movies with their Disney-owned counterpart of the Star Wars universe, and how those films are different from one another, unlike the Marvel films.

He does highlight that there is a major exception to the murkiness that is the past 11 years of MCU. Can you guess what that is? I’ll give you a hint: The third movie isn’t going to suck because the director has been rehired and is back in his rightful place to close out the trilogy in the way it was meant to be finished, in all its glory. I’ll let you ponder on that, as it’s heavily shrouded in mystery.

I’m not saying I agree with everything Willems says, but I do think he points out some interesting things I hadn’t thought of before. Watch the video and let us know what you think he gets right, and what he gets wrong.


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