Tom Segura: Mostly Stories

Tom Segura- Mostly StoriesHere at Grab the Popcorn, I will now be giving recommendations and reviews on different shows

and movies that you can find on Netflix, because let’s be honest, cable television has completely gone to

shit. Thank God it’s football season…

Anyway, for my first recommendation for “funny as hell Friday” I am going to have to go with

this one right here, Tom Segura’s Mostly Stories. This stand-up performance is only a little over an hour

long and will have you “LOL” from beginning to end. He isn’t very popular yet, but believe me, if you

are into comedy you will definitely be hearing about this man in the near future. The only negative thing

I will say about this performance is the way it ended. Most of the shows that I’ve ever seen save the best

material for the very end, which just wasn’t the case here, but other than that, this was my favorite stand-

up performance of the year.


Tom Segura: Mostly Stories

Released: 2016

Rating: ****

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