This Mural isn’t to short to be a Stormtrooper… or is it?

Push Pins (1 of 1)-5.jpg

Inspired in anticipation of Solo: A Star Wars Story, (which we can’t wait for!), Viking let employees transform a normal office desk into a stunning Stormtrooper mural by using 28,800 push pins!

It took the team a combined 39 hours (and several sore thumbs!) to create the mural. We are always looking for ways to be creative with stationary, and we are delighted with the result!

Push Pins (1 of 1)-42.jpg

Planning the Project

Planning our epic project started with measuring our table. Once we knew the size of our canvas (240cm x 120cm), we found a gorgeous image of a Stormtrooper to replicate and turned to Photoshop so we could accurately reproduce it.

We downsized the image so that one pixel was equal to one centimeter and then replaced each pixel with a colored symbol. These symbols represented the six colors of pins we had at our disposal: black, white, blue, green, red and yellow. Together, they form the map we needed to bring our artwork to life.

However, we couldn’t just start sticking our pins straight into the table! We had our map design printed onto a special table top made from? Foamex? so we could place our pins without causing any damage.

Want to see the rest of the story? Visit Viking’s step by step process on turning an ordinary office supply into a wonderful piece of art!

Have you been creative with any office supplies? What masterpieces have you made while at work? Let us know on Twitter?@viking_chat.




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