These STAR WARS Suits Aren't The Designs You're Looking For


Dutch clothing company Opposuits, the same company that released that eye-popping Pac-Man suit earlier this year, is back with a couple of new designs that they’re hoping the geek crowd will love. They’ve just put out two new officially licensed Star Wars-themed suits — one called “Strong Force” and the other called “Stormtrooper” — and I’m sorry to say that these things are revolting. There’s so much going on in that dark suit that it almost hurts to look at it; it looks like a child’s bed sheets wrapped around a grown man. The other one is slightly more aesthetically pleasing, but it still looks more like pajamas converted into a suit than anything else.

Even if you absolutely love Star Wars and these were the most comfortable suits on the market, I can’t imagine there would be that many people who would actually be willing to walk around in these at anything other than a Halloween party. But hey, Halloween is coming up, so I guess they released them at the right time of year. The company also promises (threatens?) to release more designs next year, so maybe they can make some dramatic improvements between now and then. Meanwhile, each of these will set you back $109.00 if you’re interested in buying them.


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