The Disney+ STAR WARS Shows Could Become Movies at Some Point


Disney CEO Bob Iger has said that Lucasfilm is just getting started with Star Wars. While they’ve completed the Skywalker saga and completed the incredible first season of The Mandalorian, big projects lie ahead! We know that there is an Obi-Wan Kenobi and Cassian Andor series coming to Disney+, but in regards to future films, we don’t know what is being planned yet.

Well, according to Iger, there’s a chance that we could see the stories of some of these Disney+ Star Wars shows continue on the big screen. We could also see some of the movies spinoff into their own TV series. When asked if Disney+ is a big part of the Star Wars brand moving forward, Iger said:

“Yes. I don’t look at it as just television, I look at it as an extension of Star Wars storytelling. What Disney+ has given us the ability to do is to do just that, is to bring Star Wars to people in new ways, and to bring new Star Wars to people.

“It’s not the same places or the same characters. Just look at Mandalorian. While, obviously, there’s a lot shared, there’s a lot that’s really fresh, and I love that.”

He then went on to talk about how down the road we could see some of these TV shows become movies:

“I love the ability to really be agnostic in terms of what platform it’s being made for. And so it could be, down the road, that a TV show becomes a movie and a movie becomes a TV series. I’m not making any announcements here or not, but I think it’s important for us to be agnostic.”

It will certainly be interesting to see how the Star Wars franchise evolves with both series and movies being developed to expand the story and the universe.

He is then asked what’s next for Star Wars over the next 40 years, and he explained that Lucasfilm will determine what “makes the most sense” for its film slate with the Skywalker saga out of the way:

“The beauty of all this is that we’ll continue to tell stories between now and whenever the next film is, and while we’re doing that, we will work to find what makes the most sense to be released as a big screen experience. And there are a number of choices, there are a number of discussions, there are a number of very talented people, and that to me is very exciting. In the meantime, fans of Star Wars are being well-served, I believe, with The Mandalorian and with what’s to come with the prequel to Rogue One and with Obi-Wan and with Clone Wars.”

I’m excited about the future of the franchise and I hope that Disney and Lucasfilm deliver great things! I wouldn’t mind seeing The Mandalorian on the big screen at some point, though!

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