The Actors in SOLO Address The Negativity of STAR WARS Fans

It’s been interesting to see how Star Wars fandom has evolved over time and I’m kind of surprised at how negative some fans get. Earlier this week, I posted my review for Solo: A Star Wars Story and it’s a film that I genuinely enjoyed! Out of all the Star Wars films that have recently been made, it’s my favorite and felt that it captured the spirit of the original trilogy more than any of the previous films. Some people enjoyed the review and some people bashed the hell out of it, which is fine! I totally respect the opinion of our audience and understand the skepticism.

I’ve also read the comments on some of the reviews that my peers have written, all of them very positive! And after reading some of those comments, I feel like I got off easy! I saw some comments towards those reviews that were just vile and crazy dark! I saw one tell the reviewer that he was full of shit and that he was going to rape his sister! That’s just insane! Compared to that, I’m happy with the comments of the people who ranted against my review! I’m just a Star Wars fan and I can’t help that I’ve enjoyed all the films that have been made under Disney and Lucasfilm.

Anyway, the negativity surrounding the Star Wars franchise seems to be growing, and in a recent interview with Solo actors Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover, they address the negativity and talk about how they handle it. The short answer is, they just don’t read anything online! Ehrenreich tells L.A. Times:

“I avoided it like the plague. It can be so destructive, and it’s not really relevant to what we’re doing. You don’t have any control over that. George Lucas said once in an interview, ‘If you don’t read reviews, they don’t exist.’ And it’s true. Then you can still have a nice day and go to the park and you don’t have to sit there going, ‘Maybe that guy is right – maybe I shouldn’t have moved my ear in that scene like that.'”

Glover went on to talk about how the reactions to most things on the internet fit into only one of two categories:

“Especially on the Internet. The Internet is like a one and zero, like computer talk – things are either hot or cold. Even someone saying, ‘Guys, Solo is going to be the best movie ever!’ – even that is toxic. Everything has become a popularity contest on some level.”

So, now even I’m part of the problem! Lol! For the most part, the majority of reviews for Solo: A Star Wars Story has been very positive. The film is surprising a lot of people with how good it is. I hope that fans give it a chance and can enjoy it for what it is… a fun Star Wars movie.

What do you think about what Ehrenreich and Glover had to say here about fan negativity?

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