STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Editor Talks About the Scenes That Were Added in Post Using Reshot Footage


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker came out last month to mixed reviews. I’d say most fans at least had some fun and enjoyed seeing some familiar faces in their favorite galaxy far, far away, while others had a lot of concerns and complaints about how the story was handled. But it’s over now, and there’s nothing anyone can do but accept the canon and move on. And in moving on, it’s cool at least to look back on how the film was made, as any of us would have loved to be there and see it all come together first hand. But this is the closest we can get.

Star Wars editor Maryann Brandon, who worked on Rise of Skywalker as well as The Force Awakens, was a recent guest on the podcast The Art of the Cut, where she discussed the scenes added in post-production:

“We added a couple of scenes. We had two weeks back in London in July and we added a couple of scenes and added some dialogue that we felt we needed, and there were a couple of very small emotional moments that J.J. and I and Stefan decided would benefit the film, and we went back and got those.”

She went on to talk about a specific scene they added in post that ended up being a very fun and pivotal scene to introduce Leia and Rey to the film, and show the closeness of their relationship since the last film:

“We shot Rey’s introduction when she’s up in the air and the rocks are spinning around her, because we wanted to introduce Leia and her. I had to go back and find good shots of Leia that we hadn’t used in [The Force Awakens], and we had those and it kind of made us think, ‘Oh we could have this really fun scene to introduce Leia and Rey.’ So the film kind of informs you of things it might need.”

It’s so satisfying that our Leia Organa, played by the late, great Carrie Fisher, was able to stay in the franchise until the end. It was the best case scenario, second only to her still being with us to appear herself. And it’s all thanks to the filmmakers and editors who created movie magic to put her there. Pretty awesome what can be done with film these days!

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