STAR WARS Films Should Feature More Non-Human Protagonists

We have 10 Star Wars films. In all 10, the main protagonist is a human. In the prequels we have Anakin, in the originals we have Luke, in the sequels we have Rey, Rogue One featured Jyn, and Solo featured Han Solo. These characters have a lot of similarities and differences, but we’re simply going to talk about how they’re all human and why I want this trend to change.

In the Star Wars universe there are at least dozens if not hundred or even thousands of different species. Why are we so stuck on one species? There are many beloved non-human characters like Chewbacca (Wookie), Darth Maul (Zabrak), Ahsoka Tano (Togruta), Aayla Secura (Twi’lek), Kit Fisto (Nautolan), and even Admiral Thrawn (Chiss). Clearly audiences don’t mind these alien characters, so why not let one of them be the main star! Heck, I’d settle for in the trio at this point for an alien other than Chewie.

We know that there are a few Star Wars projects in the works, and my number one hope is that they let the stars be non-humans. My top picks would be Kel Dor or Nautolan, but if Rian Johnson wanted to make a film starring a Rodian or Bothan, those would also be great picks. I want to see how being a non-human affects a character’s life or even if it does. What are some of the customs of these other species? Bonus points if they don’t feature Jedi for at least one movie.

I feel like The Clone Wars has actually done a decent job showing that fans will watch content focused on non-humans as they’ve had episodes focused on Ahsoka and Yoda to name a few. Some of these episodes are absolutely fantastic! Your characters don’t have to be human to be relatable. I hope Star Wars learns this sooner rather than later.

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